Worldlink Communication = Successful Outsourcing

Our Entire Business is Centered Around Helping Our Clients Locate The BEST POSSIBLE Call Centers for their Needs.

The Benefits of working with Worldlink include:

    Over the years, our team has amassed a vast amount of knowledge about the capabilities of the call center agencies in our network.  This information allows us to effectively locate the agencies that have the best opportunity to be successful on each client application.
    Worldlink Communication  has multiple clients with most of the agencies in our network (many agencies have 10 or more).  This provides our new clients with the added security of having the impact of multiple accounts versus the impact of one.
    Our consultants can quickly and effectively introduce you to the best possible agencies for your application.  This can save hours of frustration during the search process and, more importantly, eliminate the frustration of choosing the wrong call center.  The time savings can be enormous.
    Through our expertise in the call center outsourcing industry, we help our clients find the most cost effective solution.  Our only goal is establishing successful, long term relationships; so we have the incentive to help you find the best combination of quality, service, and price.We have agreements with over 100 call center service providers by which a small commission is paid to us based on the success of your campaign.  Thus, our services are of no charge to our clients and we make money when our clients and our agencies make money.  Worldlink Communication has a vested interest in your success.
    If you are looking for a low-risk way to minimize your costs, maximize your time, and give your call center outsourcing effort the best chance of success, Worldlink Communication is Your One Source to Outsource.