Worldlink Communication is a Call Center Outsourcing Consulting Company –“Period”Our business is 100% focused on facilitating the call center agency selection process for our clients.  We assist in analyzing the needs of each client and then typically initiate contact with the best 3-5 call centers for the specific application or campaign.

No Charge to Our Clients
Furthermore, our service is provided at “NO CHARGE” to our clients.  The Call Center Agencies in the Worldlink Communication pay a small ongoing commission that is based upon the success of each outsourcing application.  Thus, our goal is aligned with our clients and our agencies-the development of long term, successful relationships.

We are Call Center Experts
The average Worldlink Communication Consultant has 15+ years of direct experience in the call center industry.  We aren’t “lead Generators” or “Marketing Guys” – We are “Call Center Experts”. This is our industry and we know how to make call center outsourcing work for our clients.

We are not Micro-Managers
We keep our eyes on the “Big Picture” and Our Call Center Consultants are motivated to facilitate the direct relationship between the call center agencies and the clients – and then get out of the way.  If you are looking for a company to “micro-manage” (i.e. stand in the way of) the outsourcing process – we are not for you.  If you are looking for a company to “Supercharge” the call center outsourcing process — Worldlink Communication is your place!